Back in June after celebrating Father's Day, my five-year-old looked up at me with sincere eyes and asked if since we had a day to celebrate me (Mother's Day, obviously) and a day to celebrate daddy, if we would have a whole day to celebrate him.

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I wrapped my boy in my arms, kissed the top of his head, and told him that every day is a day that we celebrate him. But I knew what he meant. John wanted his own holiday just as my husband and I have. Well kiddo, today is your day.

Punch Bowl explains that a news article in the St. Joseph News-Press/Gazette in August of 1944, the idea for a whole day to celebrate our sons and daughters was born in 1933 by a gentleman named J Henry Dusenberry. Mr. Dusenberry came up with the idea after a child asked him why there wasn't a Sons and Daughters day. He set plans in motion in his home state of  Missouri and the idea spread from there.

And so today, we celebrate the smallest humans who take up the biggest space in our hearts.

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