Now is not the time to hold back on snacks, and the more creative, the better.  Would you dare dip string cheese straight into a jar of peanut butter?  Yes!  Break some food rules and escape from stress. 

People have been sharing their favorite odd food combinations on social media for years, but since we seem to be stress-eating now more than ever, there's been a resurgence of odd combos lately.  Some of the stranger ones I've seen are mayo on top of jello, pizza dipped in soda, a hot dog with jelly on top, and ketchup on top of popcorn.  We are getting bored, and this is what we're doing with our time.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorite food combinations of the moment too, and ask you for yours.  Pantry staples have been flying off the shelves lately, and it might be because we're discovering new ways to eat the same old stuff and we can't get enough.  Or perhaps we're just stress-eating.

5 Strange Food Combos You Need to Try

1.  Carrots and Goldfish.  Pop a sliced carrot in your mouth along with five or six little Goldfish crackers, and it's strangely satisfying.  The carrots are slightly sweet and the Goldfish are slightly salty, and the result hits a spot you didn't know you had.  I vary things up with cheesy, parmesan, or pretzel Goldfish, depending on my mood.

2.  Cottage cheese and Sriracha on a cracker.  It's a spicy protein-packed bite that works as a great snack, and if you string enough of them together it can be a meal.  With some carrots and Goldfish on the side perhaps.

3.  Cream cheese on a toasted waffle, topped with blueberries.  I make this for the kids all the time and they love it.  Just toast up an Eggo, spread on some cream cheese, and set some blueberries on top.  The cream cheese will help the blueberries stick.

4.  Peanut butter pretzels mixed into applesauce.  I have been eating so many peanut butter pretzels lately it's insane, and I feel like I might need a support group.  I am out of control.  Instead of eating them by the pound straight out of the huge Costco jar, I had to find something to dilute them and I started putting them into applesauce.  Delicious, and kind of healthy if the applesauce is sugar-free.

5.  Peanut butter on American cheese.  I started doing this as a kid and haven't stopped.  Just unwrap a slice of American cheese and spread on some peanut butter and roll it up for some extra fun.  Or, dip your favorite string cheese into some peanut butter for the same effect.

There are no wrong ways to eat right now.  There's so much we can't do, we might as well have a little fun with food, invent something new, and feel better.  And then hop on the treadmill.

French fries dipped in chocolate shakes, Ritz crackers dipped in Nutella, and some Doritos in the middle of a PB&J might also make your Monday.  If you have other ideas, send them in!

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