An informal survey of people in our office (a whole four people, but still!) has come to the conclusion that this "study" must have been swayed in some way because there is no way that New Yorkers are chowing down on this chip and dip combo more than other combo.

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When we asked the people in our office what their favorite chip and dip are, every single person said, without hesitation, that they loved sour cream and onion dip. Not everyone agreed on the flavor of the chip - we got BBQ, fried pickle, plain, and veggie chips. However, every single person said sour cream and onion is their jam.

With people making a mad dash to the store to scoop up chips and dips for their Labor Day weekend get-togethers, the Shane Co. got curious about what chips and dips were most searched in each state.

What the Shane Co. did was compile a list of the top 17 brands of chips and then 13 different dips and they analyzed search history state-by-state on Google trends.

Overall, Americans are in love with Pringles according to the Google data. Tostitos are second most loved, while Lays took the third spot. When it comes to dip, guacamole was the top searched dip by Americans followed by queso blanco, and then hummus.

What are New Yorkers going to dip and double dip into this holiday weekend? Well, if Google trends are to believed, we'll be popping open a bag of Tostitos and drowning them in Pico de Gallo.

Listen, we're not knocking Tostitos and pico de gallo but where's the sour cream and onion dip? Seriously, it's crazy that not only did sour cream and onion dip not land in the top five favorites for New Yorkers but that it also didn't hit the top five list for America as a whole!

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