There is simply no food comparable to New York food and we're here to prove it to you!

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I have lived all over the United States and can say without any hesitation that New York is absolutely a food mecca, a place to be revered.

I was born on the west coast and have lived all over the country and so I feel like I’ve earned the right to tell you that there is literally nothing and I mean nothing, like the food in New York.

I don’t have any favorite west coast dishes but my pick for favorite Midwest dish is Cincinnati chili which is drowned in cheese and served over spaghetti. My favorite southern dish is broasted chicken – there’s literally nothing like it in the world. But that’s it – I only have two favorite dishes for the Midwest and the South which is kind of sad, actually.

Traci Taylor
Traci Taylor

And then we slide over to the East coast, New York, specifically and the onslaught of favorite foods begins. New York is so incredibly diversified and we truly have some of the most amazing and iconic food.

Look at Binghamton born Spiedies. Spiedies have become so popular that Salamida and Lupos marinade sauce can now be found in grocery stores across the country and influencers jump all over the chance to taste test for their followers.

New York food really is in a class all of its own because it truly is superior.

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