Halloween is a time for great costumes that (hopefully) no one else wears to the same party. Here's a list of ideas no one is talking about but will be awesome in 2012.

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    Walter White

    Walter White is the ultimate anti-hero from AMC's hit show Breaking Bad. Best of all he has many looks. The photo here is his early-series signature. He also was in just underwear and an apron once, you could dress in a plastic suit or you could shave your head and just be intimidating all the time. Your choice! Just remember when going around looking for candy (or beer), be sure to tell your entourage, "I am the one who knocks!"

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    Jean Ralphio

    Jean Ralphio steals the show every time he appears on Parks and Recreation. Do a quick YouTube search and we'll see you back here in an hour -- hopefully flushed with cash.

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    If you're just going to be changing out with your friends, there's no better costume than the always ridiculously funny Senor Chang, or Officer Chang, or down-on-his-luck Chang.

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    Big Barry

    Obviously, if you're a height-challenged person, Big Barry has to be at the top of your list of awesome Halloween costumes. Or you could be ironic and be Big Barry even if you really are big! When it's karaoke time, bust out this unique signing style.

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    This is perfect for couples or just a girl going to a party. Amy from the band Karmin has a unique style and look that's easily imitated. She even has a tutorial on how to do the "suicide roll."

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