I am not ready to think about school yet.  We still have another month of summer vacation for crying out loud.  So why when you step into a store is "back to school" screaming at you?  I know it's good to plan ahead and many of us have received our supply lists, but I just want to focus on summer a little longer.  I mean reality is, halloween costumes will be out by the end of the month.

I started thinking about what I needed when I went to school.  The list was quite different and not nearly as detailed.  In fact you could get away with one ring binder.  Of course there was the  grandaddy of all ring binders...the Trapper Keeper!  This note book had folders, dividers, and pockets plus a neat velcro flap to trap everything inside.  Man, I always wanted one.  They still sell them but I don't think it would have the same "cool" effect if I carried it to work. This is is the one I used to want:


Cool factor all the way, baby!








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