Our 10 Favorite David Bowie Moments

by Becca Daly

Tributes Are Made After The Death Of Music Icon David Bowie
(Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

1.The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976)

Bowie plays the iconic role of a fallen alien in human form come to earth to find a way to ship water to his dying planet. One of my favorite lines is when Thomas (Bowie) is asked what he does for a living, to which he replies "Oh, I'm just visiting". That sentiment seemed like it was coming form real life Bowie as well as his character.


2."Can't Help Thinking About Me"- Bowie's first single under the name "David Bowie" (1966)

This was the first time Bowie began creating music under his iconic name, sparking the beginning of an career unlike any other.


3. Peace on Earth/ Little Drummer Boy Duet with Bing Crosby (1982)

Bowie created "Peace On Earth" to be mixed with "Little Drummer Boy" during his duet with Crosby for a Christmas special. The result was a truly lovely and magical performance.


 4. The "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" Scene in Inglourious Basterds (2009)

Maybe I'm a bit bias because I am a big Tarantino fan, but the use of Bowie's song in this scene is just incredible. It is captivating, badass, and gives it far more life and meaning than any other song would.


5. Bowie's unfortunate altercation that led to the creation of his iconic eyes (1962) 

In 1962, David Bowie then known as David Jones, got punched in the eye by his best friend George Underwood during an argument over a girl. The incident resulted in a condition called Anisocoria, permanently causing his pupils to be two different sizes. Although I'm sure his friend felt very bad,the two remained friends and Bowie thanked Underwood for giving him "mystique".


6. Collaboration with Queen- "Under Pressure" (1981)

I firmly believe that this is one of the greatest songs ever made. I have so many good memories dancing to this song with my best friend. The combination of Freddie Mercury and David Bowie was simply magical and I think it is safe to say there is an incredible concert going on in heaven right now.


7. Labyrinth (1986)

Bowie's portrayal of the Goblin King in Jim Henson's Labyrinth simultaneously intrigued and terrified me as a child. I never understood how a character could be so inviting and alluring but also kind of make me want to hide under my bed. This is one of Bowie's most iconic roles in an incredibly magical, weird, one of a kind film.


8. Collaboration with Mick Jagger- Dancing in the Street (1985)

Bowie and Mick Jagger teamed up to create Dancing in the Street as a way to raise funds for Live Aid. The song was an enormous hit, and the video is sure to make you smile. The chemistry and talent between these two iconic stars is overwhelming, and their dance movies rule.


9. Bowie calling out MTV for excluding black artists (1983)

In true Bowie fashion of pushing and questioning social norms, he calls out Mark Goodman in an interview on MTV on the subject of racial bias.  “I’m just flawed by the fact that there are so few black artists featured on it – why is that?” he asks. Goodman gives a pretty BS answer, to which Bowie responds "Should it not be a challenge to try and make the media far more integrated?”


10. Bowie's Final Album- Blackstar (2016)

Bowie's last album is his farewell to the world, his final parting gift to us. If he had not been sick, Blackstar would just be a fantastic album; but after realizing that he created Blackstar with the full knowledge that he was dying gives it a whole different layer. It is incredibly haunting, beautiful, and thought provoking. Only Bowie would not only make his life a work of art, but his death as well.


It is appropriate for us to mourn such a great loss, but let's celebrate the beautiful life that Bowie had and the irreplaceable gift he gave us. We can take comfort in the fact that his mark on the world will last forever, and that he is not truly dead, but just moved on to the next great adventure. 



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