As more companies switch to remote work, employees are banding together and creating group chats as a way to communicate with each other. One woman took to Reddit explained she was mortified after she joined her work group chat with a graphic pornographic image set as her profile pic. Whoops!

The 25-year-old explained she recently joined her work group chat on WhatsApp, when her coworker suddenly approached her asking if she knew what photo was being shown on her profile.

"I use WhatsApp very rarely, mostly with friends if we are not using other apps available i.e. Snapchat. I had to check as I had not been on WhatsApp in a while," she wrote via Reddit. "So I open WhatsApp to check my picture and felt like throwing up."

"The picture is a very detailed and pornographic image of Iron Man and Captain America having sex," she added. You can see the NSFW photo here.

She noted she originally saw the image on Twitter one day and showed it to her friends as she thought it was hilarious.

John Schnobrich via Unsplash
John Schnobrich via Unsplash

Her friend then dared her to make it her profile photo, so she decided to use it for WhatsApp since she hardly ever used the platform.

"Once I saw it, I immediately changed it to the most professional picture of me I could find," she continued. "As I'm panicking and not knowing what to do, wanting to change my identity ... a co-worker comes up to me who usually chats with me and is very friendly with me could not even look me in the eyes. My boss saw this picture, all my co-workers saw this picture, I feel like I have scarred these older people for life."

The woman added that "tomorrow I have to go back to work and I don't know what to expect or what to do."

Users commented on the hilarious snafu.

"I'm sorry but that's hilarious. I dunno, just tell them that you set your picture to that as a joke a long time ago and completely forgot, and that you're sure they've seen worse images on the internet before," one person wrote.

Another commented: "There’s nothing you can do but own it. Talk about it like a funny story. Tell people what you told us ... that it was a bet/dare/joke.

"Bet you won't set that as your LinkedIn profile!" another person joked, while a fourth offered this advice: "Go to work dressed as Captain America,"

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