It's official. According to the Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado Facebook page, New York State's 19th District Congressman Antonio Delgado was sworn in yesterday by Governor Kathy Hochul as the state's new Lieutenant Governor, a seat that was left vacant after the resignation of Brian Benjamin who was arrested back in April on campaign bribery charges.

What will Delgado's role be as Lieutenant Governor? According to New York State's constitution, the Lt. Governor fills the role of president of the state senate, serving as acting governor if Hochul should travel out of state, resign from office, suffer an injury that would make her unable to perform her duties as Governor, or in the case of the Governor's death, Delgado would step in as Governor.

As Delgado now plays a new role in political office in the state, you may be wondering what is going to happen to NY's District 19th representation. According to Governor Hochul, that seat will be filled following a special election coming up on August 23, that will be held in conjunction with congressional and Senate primary elections. Those were delayed because New York created new district maps.

Below, you can watch yesterday's swearing-in ceremony.

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