I love the feeling of freshly washed sheets, don't you?  Clean, softness wrapping your body and a fresh, cool pillowcase under your head.  Sounds like a good night's sleep.  But wait..did you wash your pillow?

There is a world of germs under that clean pillowcase.  Dead skin cells, moisture from drool and sweat, and the grossest of all, dust mite excrement.  The older a pillow gets, the heavier it gets.  Guess what is making it heavier.  All the things listed above.  When is the last time you washed your pillows?  Martha Stewart, homemaker extraordinaire,  recommends that pillows be washed at least twice a year.

There are other steps to take make sure your pillows are clean.  You can buy a pillow protector which acts as a barrier between the pillowcase and the pillow.  Also you can conduct a pillow test.  Fold your pillow in half and place a book on top of it.  If the pillow opens back up throwing the book, your pillow is in good shape.  If it remains folded, it is time to go pillow shopping.

This fun songs seems innocent enough until the truth is revealed:

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