Miley Cyrus‘ new film ‘LOL’ landed in limited release at the multiplex (or arthouse theater) yesterday (May 4), but you can check out this clip from the movie to help you decide if you want to seek it out. It’s a cute scene between Cyrus and actress Demi Moore, who plays her overprotective mother.

The film explores how to deal with the digital age, with Cyrus’ character Lola battling things like peer pressure and handling her overprotective mom. Those are the ingredients in a recipe that is never a teen favorite.

In this particular scene, Lola wants to go to Paris against her mother’s wishes.

When Moore-as-mom relents, Miley, who just rescued a super cute new puppy, leaps to her feet and engulfs her in a hug, exalting her. Just like any typical teen who knows it all, isn’t too proud to beg in order to beat their parental unit into submission in order to get what they want and then kisses their rump upon getting their way.  That’s adolescence in a few sentences!

You can also watch Miley’s screen test for the film here. The teen isn’t LOLing at the fact that the film is not receiving a wide release, but perhaps it’ll develop a cult following and become a sleeper hit. You never know!

Watch New Clip of MIley Cyrus in ‘LOL

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