If you have some spare time and the acting bug, you could earn a few extra parts being an extra in an HBO show filming in the Capital Region.

There is certainly a little buzz locally around the new HBO show 'The Gilded Age.' It is not only from the creator of 'Downton Abbey,' but it will also be filming in Troy in the months ahead. The show is based in late 1800s New York City, making Troy the perfect backdrop. And when the production gets rolling, locals can still be a part of it as extras!

Grant Wilfey Casting is still looking for "...locals (men, women, and children) who are interested in working as extras" who "Must be ok working around smoke and have natural-colored hair." Filming is schedule for this month and in June.

The show itself is set to star some pretty big names like Christine Baranski and Cynthia Nixon, and maybe we could be seeing your face during the first season the HBO show as well!

You can get more info on the shows filming in the Collar City and details how to register here.

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