Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner ready to get your business off the ground? But you have had trouble finding a comprehensive office site from which to conduct your business?  Have you been looking for a prime downtown office space only to be deterred by the price tag?

Well, your search may be over!

A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on Friday May 14, 2021 at noon at a new business called Downtown Works!.  This new suite of offices, located at 164 Main Street, offers five ultra modern private offices plus a conference room for staff meetings, investor conferences, and more.

Downtown Works provides everything you need for a safe, secure, fully resourced and highly visible location in the heart of the city's business district. 

And the office rental prices are definitely small business friendly. 

There are several different office floor plans to choose from.  Office space rental include access to all services; conference room, waiting area, kitchen/coffee area, shared bathroom.  These newly designed offices are fitted with the best perks of any high-end office space, including high speed Internet, a comfortable waiting area with fireplace, kitchen/coffee area and a regularly cleaned & disinfected shared bathroom.

The owners of this new addition to downtown Oneonta are David Wilber and Peter Clark.  The ribbon cutting ceremony (photo above) was attended by members of the business community, Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig, and Al Rubin, the interim president and CEO of the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce.

For photos and details about Downtown Works visit their website by clicking here.

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