Law enforcement officials, district attorneys, victim advocates and some political figures from four counties are turning up the volume in their call for Albany to fix what they say are big problems with the new bail reforms in New York.

Bail Reform photo provided by Senator Fred Akshar's office
Bail Reform photo provided by Senator Fred Akshar's office

State Senator Fred Akshar, a Binghamton Republican, was flanked by a wall of uniforms January 27 to show support for action on the reforms that took effect January first and eliminate cash bail for a large number of non-violent offenders.

Officials at the gathering in Binghamton shared stories supporting Akshar’s call for a repeal of the law as he has also introduced legislation to restore bail for several offenses.

In addition to making claims that suspects have left custody recently laughing at law enforcement and quickly re-offending, several officials cited the costs of directing staff to handling “discovery law” issues.

Meanwhile, Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D, Endwell) says she has been in personal contact with authorities to listen to their concerns and is taking steps to ensure public safety.

The reforms were passed with the support of advocates for the poor and minority groups who say many times people who are kept in jail to wait for their case to work through courts are only there because they can’t afford to post bail.

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