On opening day of deer season in Sturgis, Michigan, one buck wanted to make sure his bases were covered and went to church. The only problem, was that it was Monday morning, and the church was closed.

The 10-point-buck broke through the window of the sanctuary, and couldn't find the way out.

Video was shared to the church's Facebook page.

"When Luke Eicher, Justin Wickey and Amanda Eicher arrived at the church this morning, they found signs of breaking and entering," the post reads. "Little did they know that a 10-point buck had come for prayer in the auditorium on opening day of gun season."

Grace Sturgis via Facebook
Grace Sturgis via Facebook

Pastor Amanda Eicher told MLive she saw light coming from the auditorium area that shouldn't have been there. She spotted a broken window, and heard a bunch of thumping inside the dark room.

Amanda yelled for her husband, Luke, thinking someone was inside the church that wasn't supposed to be.

Luke flipped on the lights, and “much to our surprise, we saw a 10-point buck,” Eicher told the news outlet.

They set up barricades to keep the deer from running to the rest of the church. The deer wandered around the room, walking up to the stage, getting too close for comfort to the drums and soundboard.

When the deer started to walk up a set of stairs to the balcony area, Lisa started filming again.

“Oh my word, oh my word,” Eicher said in the video. “What is happening? That is a buck.”

After roaming back down the stairs, the deer hopped out of the window it came through, and went back to the woods, assumingly full of the Spirit.

"There was some damage to the building and our pastors are a little traumatized. But the buck left strengthened in the Lord to go face his battles," the church wrote on their post.

Eicher told MLive that besides the broken window, the only other real damage was some blood stains on the carpet, assumingly from when it jumped through the window.

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