John Mayer just proved that celebrities sometimes do see the private messages sent to their social media accounts.

Not long after the release of Taylor Swift's re-recorded album, Red (Taylor's Version), which includes the 10-minute-long version of her breakup anthem "All Too Well," some fans began to drag the singer's ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal — who the song is rumored to be about — on social media.

Now, Swifties have begun to speculate about Swift's next re-recorded album. Some believe that the next re-release will be the singer's 2010 album, Speak Now, which features the infamous song, "Dear John," which is rumored to be about Mayer. He and Swift dated back in 2009 and 2010, when Swift was 19 and Mayer was 32.

Some Swifties are already coming after Mayer. In screenshots shared by Instagram account @deux.discussions, a conversation allegedly between Mayer and a 15-year-old fan named Alonda (a.k.a. @hoeforlouaylor) show the teen sliding into Mayer's DMs to send a death threat.

"F--- yourself you ugly b---- ... I hope you choke on something," Alonda wrote before adding, "answer me you b----."

Instead of blocking her or just ignoring the message, Mayer apparently actually took the time to respond in hopes of discovering why a person that he's never even met would say such a thing to him.

"I've been getting so many messages like these the past couple days," Mayer reportedly answered. "I'm not upset. I just tend to have a curious mind and feel compelled to ask. Do you really hope that I die?"

Alondra immediately felt bad and clarified that she doesn't actually want him to die before sending a voice message apologizing for her actions.

"It's okay. I wanted to understand," the musician responded. "So it's a fun thing people are doing without taking into account that I might see it and be affected by it?"

Alondra admitted that she believed that he wouldn't see the negative message or that if he did, he wouldn't actually take the time to reply to them.

Despite her cruel words, Mayer forgave her and said that it was "100 percent okay" because at the end of the day, there was "some healing" taking place. "Go forth and live happy and healthy," he added.

Alondra concluded their conversation by warning Mayer that Swifties are "probably going to be 1000x meaner when Speak Now (Taylor's Version) is released" and told him to take care of himself.

See the viral exchange, below.

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