A woman locked up in a jail following a DUI arrest attempted to escape the jail she was held in using what she had on her.

In a purely MacGyver move, police say 59-year-old Mae Sheppard removed the underwire from her bra and "proceeded to use it to make numerous scrape marks into the glass on the bottom of the holding cell door.”


Sheppard was popped on a DUI charge back on October 31st and was booked into the Sumter County Jail, where she was placed in the holding cell in the booking area.

The Villages resident then attempted her escape. The report also details her attempt to also “crawl out of a small opening in the holding cell door feet first and had to be directed to pull her legs back into the cell.”

When questioned about the scratches on the door, Sheppard reportedly admitted to the damage. She explained that she used her bra wire “in an attempt to escape the jail because the Sumter County Detention Center is 'scary'."

Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Sumter County Sheriff's Office

Sheppard's failed MacGyver-meets-Shawshank move resulted in two additional charges added to her docket: attempt to escape, a felony, and criminal mischief, a misdemeanor.

Sheppard is currently walking free until her trial, after posting an $11,500 bond, which would've been cheaper had she just sat in the jail instead of trying to escape.

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