We have all had days at work when stress levels are high.   Whether it is a heavy work load, a meeting with the boss, or an annoying co-worker, the stress can pile on.  A survey was conducted by Harris Interactive for Everest College, to find out what the top six stress factors are at work:

  1. Compensation and work load.  Low pay and heavier work load came in on top for stress factors in the workplace.
  2. Disliking your co-workers.  Working with someone that gets on your nerves is always a stressful situation.
  3. Not your dream job.  You aren't working in the field you studied for.  So I went to college and racked up student loans because...
  4. Life-work balance is poor.  You are spending more time working than doing anything else.
  5. Dead end job.  There is no room for growth.  It is what it is.
  6. Fear of job loss.  Will I be laid off?  Is someone getting fired?  Very stressful.

Maybe these stress factors match you.  Is there something else that really stresses you out at work?  What, if anything, would help?

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