ReThink Stress Now!
I recently discovered TEDTalks on and I must say, I have learned the most amazing and interesting things and wish I'd discovered them sooner!
Top 6 Things That Stress You Out At Work
We have all had days at work when stress levels are high.   Whether it is a heavy work load, a meeting with the boss, or an annoying co-worker, the stress can pile on.  A survey was conducted by Harris Interactive for Everest College, to find out what the top six stress factors are at…
Women Look Their Worst at 3:30pm Wednesday
It is not our fault, ladies.  Experts have done the research and have found that we look our worst at 3:30pm on Wednesdays.  Well at least we know when is a good time to avoid going on a date.  Now, I say we are always beautiful so what is the deal?  Why is Wednesday the day of t…