While not the first band to romanticize those momentous years between middle school and college, the Teen Age gaze backwards on their own terms. On 'Second Youth,' these Brooklyn dudes sound positively spooked, delivering sweet, noisy guitar-pop with an unshakable air of dread. If you're turned on by the idea of Joy Division cutting the Foo Fighters' 'Everlong' for Slumberland Records, this one's not just for you -- it's probably about you.

The Teen Age came together last winter, and thanks to what they describe as their mix of "'70s punk and indie garage," they've already caught the ear of their heard-it-all NYC borough. In January, they opened for British band-of-the-moment Palma Violets, and they recorded this latest tune at the beloved DIY venue Silent Barn with members of local faves Ava Luna. An EP is in the works for later this year.

"'Second Youth' is about the fear of growing old," the band tells Diffuser.fm. "We wrote the chorus as a sort of therapy session. The days go by so fast, and yearning for more time keeps us up at night."

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