It's been a while...

Eight years ago, a Living Legend stood inside a recording booth, stepped up to the microphone and purred the words: "It's Britney, bitch."

Pop music was never the same.

It's officially that time of year again: Blackout season — a time when the air turns crisp, the nights grow longer, the beats get urban-er and the cameras start flashin' while we're dirty dancin' to the sound of Britney Spears' chilly electro-pop opus. Recorded during the most tumultuous years of her public life, at the height of the TMZ/X17/Perez Hilton-fueled tabloid culture of the '00s, the album remains an immaculately crafted, start-to-finish solid relic of that period in Britney's career.

Truthfully, there've already been plenty of worthy, thoughtful thinkpieces about that particular era of tabloid frenzy and celeb culture. And an eight year anniversary of an album doesn't exactly sound like it warrants a comprehensive review as, say, a decade does. But let it be known: The album still sounds as fresh today as it did in October of 2007.

Instead, I'd like to do a more (MOAH) nerdy, in-depth analysis of the album by taking a look behind the scenes inside the recording studio, and catching up with the major players — the songwriters, the producers, even the photographer! — responsible for helping to bring Brit Brit's dark dreamworld to life...including the icon herself, of course. (After all, Britney was the executive producer of her own record.)

Now, are you sure you want a piece of B? Scroll through the gallery above to find out more about the making of Blackout.

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