Precautions to Take When the Winter Storm Hits!
Precautions to take when the WINTER STORM HITS!!
by Nick Sorrenti
With winter storms beginning to take full effect and many people struggling due to the lack of notice, I suggest we start taking things into our own hands. Instead of waiting for storms to hit and being under prepared, I suggest that we…
Storm Footage From Earlville, NY [Video]
What a crazy afternoon!  Yesterday, my family had headed out on the road to go to Oneida Lake.  What should have been one and a half hours turned into a three hour tour of every back road on the map.
We could tell by the sky that a major storm had traveled through and when we pulled through…
Winter Storm May Hinder After Christmas Shopping
Even Santa checks out the after Christmas sales.  I mean, who could pass up the bargains?  Many of us have gifts cards that we can't wait to use and some have returns to make.  The weather forecast might put a dent in your shopping plans.