What a crazy afternoon!  Yesterday, my family had headed out on the road to go to Oneida Lake.  What should have been one and a half hours turned into a three hour tour of every back road on the map.

We could tell by the sky that a major storm had traveled through and when we pulled through Earlville, New York, it became very evident that the storm meant business.  So many down trees and branches.  No matter what route we tried, we had to turn around and try another way because the roads were blocked.

It was reassuring watching the community work together.  Neighbors not only helping clear each other's lawns but also helping to clear the road ways.  A big effort was put in by the community to help with the clean up.  People were dragging branches, chainsaws were buzzing, and even axes were swinging.

The third time we were diverted back to Sherburne, we stopped to gas up and get directions.  It was nice to see that people hadn't lost their sense of humor as they filled their gas cans for their generators and filled their coolers with beer.

We finally made it to our destination.  On the way home we once again had to take a detour as clean up was still going on.  This detour revealed much more damage.  Rows of trees taken down, corn fields blown over, and stretches of down power lines.  The sky was so erie.  Hope everyone is okay.

What a long strange trip it had been.

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