2013-14 Flu Vaccines Ready for Season
Although the weather is still warm, flu vaccines are already showing up for the 2013-14 flu season.
October is the best time to get vaccinated, and local drug stores are beginning to receive and offer flu shots.
Flu Vaccines Still Available
On Saturday Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a public health emergency due to the flu, which suspended a state law that limits pharmacists to administering immunizing agents to those 18 or older and now allows pharmacists to give vaccines to anyone 6 months or older.
Cuomo Declares Health Emergency During Flu Epidemic
With the nation in the grip of a severe influenza outbreak that has seen deaths reach epidemic levels, Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a public health emergency for New York State on Saturday, making access to vaccines more easily available.
There have been nearly 20,000 cases of flu reported across t…
Flu Outbreak Reaches Epidemic Proportions
Flu season in the U.S. has struck early and, in many places, hard. From the Rocky Mountains to New England, hospitals are swamped with people with flu symptoms.
Some medical centers are turning away visitors or making them wear face masks, and one Pennsylvania hospital set up a tent outside its emerg…
Flu Facts and Vaccinations [Audio]
Cold and flu season is here.  Are you prepared?  Now is the time to get your flu shot.  Dr. Bill Fredette joined us on The Mix this morning with helpful advice for the flu season.  Children and the elderly run a higher risk of complications from the flu...