The center for disease control predicted an early, intense flu season and now it is here. The very young and the very old are at the greatest risk of complications, as are children with asthma and some other underlying health conditions.

A.O. FOX pediatrician Dr. William Fredette discussed the differences between the flu and common cold.

"It just comes on all of a sudden," he said. "In fact, in older patients, they can tell you the time of day. That's really one of the things that marks the flu is this abrupt onset of symptoms.

"The symptoms themselves are close to what you would find with the common cold," Fredette added. "But then you'll see headache, muscle aches and some things you don't generally see with the common cold."

Dr. Fredette says the best way to treat it, is to receive a flu shot. He also says, keep in mind it takes about 14 days to develop immunity. You can receive a flu shot at your healthcare provider and at many pharmacy locations.

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