On Saturday Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a public health emergency due to the flu, which suspended a state law that limits pharmacists to administering immunizing agents to those 18 or older and now allows pharmacists to give vaccines to anyone 6 months or older.

State health officials said some health care providers may have low supplies of the vaccine but that they believe there is enough to treat people.

"The CDC estimates that 135 million doses were manufactured this year. Most of that, but not all -- 128 million -- have been distributed to pharmacies," said Centers for Disease Control's Dr. Richard Bessner. "You may have to look a little harder. This is a year where people who have never gotten a flu shot are running out to get it because there are so many people getting the flu."

Flu has been reported in every county in the state and has been widespread for seven weeks. Reported cases declined last week but hospitalizations for lab-confirmed flu were up. Two children and at least 10 New York City adults have died from flu-related illness.

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