Cynthia Keever

SUNY Oneonta’s professor of Painting and Drawing has broadened the minds of Oneonta residents recently with a brand new and very creative art project for her Collaborative Art class students. Rhea Nowak, the professor of Painting and Drawing at SUNY Oneonta, has given her 13 Collaborative Art students an extravagant final project; the creation of thousands of whimsical paper cranes that are currently dangling from the ceiling of the schools Martin-Mullen Art Gallery inside the Fine Art’s building. The professor's creative project has brought an entire new aura to the building. The paper cranes are not only beautiful to look at, but they also contain the dreams, wishes and desires of thousands of Oneonta residents. The students in the class placed slips of papers around businesses and the campus, encouraging passersby to write down their dreams, wishes and desires on them, which were later made into the cranes that float above visitors heads at the gallery. The exhibit is open weekdays from 11am until 5pm, and ends on May 14th.


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