A painting found in an Upstate New York barn turned out to be a rare work of art and could sell for $3 million at auction next week.

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According to a News.am report, the painting had been sitting in a Kinderhook, New York barn, covered in bird droppings. Art collector Albert Roberts recognized how valuable the painting was and purchased it for $600. He's now planning to sell it at a Sotherby's auction and the painting is estimated to sell for approximately $3 million.

Talk about a good investment. The only better investment I can think of is buying a lottery ticket that you know with absolute certainty is a winner. Finding a neglected painting in an upstate New York barn, buying it for $600, and then selling it for $3 million is as good a turnaround as I've ever seen.

And credit to Roberts for having the eye and art knowledge to recognize how valuable the painting actually was. Never in a million years would I be able to look at an old, bird-dropping covered painting in a barn in upstate New York and say "oh that's easily worth $3 million." But it's certainly the kind of skill I'd like to pick up if we're out here turning $600 into $3 million.

According to the report, the painting was made by a famous 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyck, between 1615 and 1618. It depicts a bearded elderly man sitting naked on a stool, and it is believed to be a sketch for Van Dyck's painting St. Jerome with the Angel.

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