A man can only rage for so long. After two years of playing guitar with the math-y Atlanta post-hardcore outfit the Chariot, Bryan Taylor has pulled up a desk chair and parked himself at the computer. There, piecing together tracks for his Slowriter side project, he fits together beats, loops, textures and lyrics, emerging with a kind of spoke-sung electro-pop.

At least that's the sound on 'Animated,' a tune from Slowriter's admittedly eclectic sophomore album, 'TrailBlazer,' due out tomorrow (April 23) on Autumn + Colour. Taylor doesn't need heavy music to explore weighty topics, and chatting with Diffuser.fm about today's free MP3, he describes the existential question at the heart of the song.

"Animated is told from the perspective of an animated character who is speaking with the artist that created him," Taylor says. "Throughout the song, he is questioning his life and purpose, and why he was drawn the way he was. Lyrically it is probably my favorite song on TrailBlazer."

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