Did your Prom get canceled? Don't fear! Go to Prom with John Krasinski and SGN tonight!

Being a Senior in high school in the class of 2020 has got to be tough right now, school has been canceled for the rest of the year meaning you will miss out on all those amazing moments like Senior Prom. Well star of The Office and SGN (Some Good News, these amazing videos going viral) John Krasinski is using his SGN platform to host a Prom for you tonight! Krasinski announced on his Facebook page saying...

"That’s right class of 2020 I’m DJing your prom with some friends this Friday night 8EST/5PST!!"

This will all be on the SGN you tube channel which you can find by clicking here!

If you haven't yet seen the SGN videos get some tissues ready and click here! John Krasinski is crushing it with these videos and I can only imagine how fun the Prom will be tonight! So get dressed up class of 2020, put those dresses on, guys get someone to help you with your ties, and have a fun virtual prom tonight with Jim Halpert himself!

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