Jack Ryan is calling it quits after Season 4, which means the show will have enjoyed a solid five-year run. That being said, fans might be looking forward to a spin-off show starring Michael Peña.

It's a weird choice because, per Deadline, Peña's debut won't actually happen until the finale of the still-unreleased Season 3. Michael Peña has an extensive resume to boast. He's been appearing both in films and on TV since about 1996, although he didn't really see a breakout role until 2004's Crash. Since then, he's shown up in everything from kids' films to heart-pounding action-thrillers. He also starred in Cesar Chavez and had a huge part in the cult-favorite Narcos: Mexico.

Jack Ryan itself has been nominated for a number of Emmys, even though Amazon saw it fit to cancel the Prime series just before the release of the 3rd season. It’s also done well critically. The show is based upon the best-selling series of novels by Tom Clancy.

Season 3 of the show sees John Krasinski's Jack Ryan in hiding. He's been wrongfully accused as part of a grand conspiracy to bring him down, and now he has to live outside the system. All the while, the CIA and others are looking to bring him to justice. With such a complex storyline, we really don’t know just how Michael Peña's character, Ding Chavez, will factor in.

In the novels, Domingo “Ding” Chavez is actually one of the Clancy’s key characters, although he hasn’t made an appearance on the show yet. That makes him a great choice for a spinoff. If the show does make it through production, fans can expect even more pulse-pounding action.

Jack Ryan Season 3 is expected to premiere later in 2022 on Amazon’s Prime Video.

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