I received a message from my sister earlier this week, and she asked if I remembered writing an article titled 'It's Not Just About The Game.' At first, the title didn't ring a bell. I have written thousands of articles on the Whale website over several years.

But when I clicked on the article, yes I remembered the reason for that article. It was written just before Super Bowl weekend, and I was writing about whether or not to make the drive to Western New York where my family resides, and join them for a game day party.

I was leaning on not going but thought more about how little I get to see my family and made the trip anyway. That article was written 6 years ago just before Super Bowl weekend, and my point was that we need to get as much family time in as we can, because life is short, and you never know how much longer you have to enjoy their company.

Well, six years later, it's become more important than ever. The pandemic has made me appreciate my family even more. Over the past two years, I've been home to visit only a couple of times. We have canceled our traditional family Christmas get-togethers along with birthdays and other gatherings because of the pandemic.

Over the past two years, I have lost extended family members, and while the pandemic didn't have anything to do with their passing, it's just that I have lost touch with many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins due to our busy lives and that fact that I don't live close.

Now that it appears things are getting better as far as the pandemic goes, I'm looking forward to heading home more to visit my family. So, as you gather with your family and friends this weekend to watch the big game or whatever plans you have, keep it in the back of your mind how precious the time you spend with them is.

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