World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st and Pathfinder Village, a community for people with Down Syndrome and other disabilities in Edmeston, NY will celebrate with a week full of community events and awareness activities. Pathfinder Village will join other organizations during the global observance.

Activities at Pathfinder Village will include:

·        Pathfinder Produce Market:  Celebrating its seventh year, Pathfinder Produce Market will be in full WDSD celebration mode on Thursday, March 19, from noon to 5 p.m.  The market will feature festive balloons, door prizes, other contests, and its signature assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables.  As a special treat, the market will offer special baked goods from the Pathfinder Bakery.  A WDSD discount will be given on customers’ purchases at the checkout register as well.

·        Rock Your Crazy Socks: Pathfinder invites friends to wear and share their crazy socks on Friday, March 20 to raise awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome.  To join in the fun, post pictures of your crazy socks through our social media: On Facebook, “like” the Pathfinder Village then send a picture to the page through Messenger.  On Instagram, “follow” pathfindervillageinc and post your picture with the tag, #pvcrazysocks.  Please post respectful pictures; it’s about spreading joy, creativity, and awareness.

Pathfinder Spirit Week - A highlight of the school year, join students at Pathfinder School and Village residents as they enjoy weeklong Spirit Week activities, March 16-20. Monday is School Spirit Day, wear green and white; Tuesday is Rainbow Day, wear all the colors of the rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day good luck; Wednesday is Character Day, dress as a favorite book or movie character; Thursday is Pajama Day. On Friday, wear blue and yellow, the traditional colors of Down syndrome, and Crazy Socks to celebrate WDSD.



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