During his press conference today Governor Cuomo announced a joint effort with New Jersey, New York and Connecticut to reopen beaches.

Update 5/23/20: The Times Union is reporting Million Dollar Beach on Lake George will be open starting today from 10am - 6pm.

As parts of the state begin to reopen today, the Governor announced on Twitter all the states above will take a regional approach and will allow beaches to open next Friday, May 22nd in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. In his tweet Cuomo said capacity for beaches will be limited to 50% and beach-goers have to wear masks where they cannot properly distance from others. During this press conference this afternoon, Governor Cuomo also laid out someadditional guidelines as reported by CBS 6: concessions must remained closed, group activities are not allowed, and areas like playgrounds & picnic areas must remain closed.

Again, this is more light at the end of the tunnel as far as life starting to feel a little more normal. It certainly would have been an odd Memorial Day Weekend if beaches were closed. And even if you do not venture to a beach next weekend, just knowing you have that option to soak in a little sun brings a little more normalcy back to the alternate reality we have been living the last 2 months.

We keep taking baby steps in the right direction, and at this point - any progress is good. Let's hope each of these steps lead to more and more of the region reopening as we head in to Summer 2020. We know life moving forward will most likely be different no matter what, but some of the simpler things we enjoy like the beach will always bring us to a comfort zone.

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