Did you grow up watching Mr. Rogers on Tv?  I did.  He was every kid's friend, teaching values and about all kinds of things.  He was a true "kid whisperer" because not only did he know how to talk to kids, he seemed to understand their way of thinking and how to reach them.

Why do I bring him up?  Because today, March 20th is "Won't You Be My Neighbor Day", honoring Fred Rogers and what he stood for: kindness and patience.  Today's the day to demonstrate those same qualities to others, showing your good neighbor side and find out just how good it feels and makes others feel.

And if you don't realize just how cool Mr. Rogers was, below is a video where he busts some pretty awesome break dance moves.  Wait until you see this!

Even though Fred Rogers is no longer with us (died February 27, 2003), his legacy of kindness to others lives on and continues to inspire.  Thanks Mr. Rogers!

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