Forget about spotting a robin or your first crocus, the true sign of spring arriving is when movies start showing at the drive-in theater.  When that happens, ALL thoughts of snow disappear and the real fun of the warm seasons arrives.

As a kid, growing up, my parents didn't take us kids to the drive-in movies for some reason but when I became a parent with two young children, the Unadilla Drive-In was one of our favorite family entertainment venues.  First of all, it was affordable for a family of four.  You could bring in your own snacks and save money right off the top.   Secondly, the kids could run around before the movie, we could play a family game of cards for pre-movie entertainment, or even crowd watching was fun.  I loved seeing what people would bring as their seat of choice.  People certainly can get creative when it comes to bringing "home" with them to the drive-in!

Now I'll grant you that there are foibles to the drive-in movie experience on occasion: kids will fight for seating position in the car, sometimes you'll get behind larger vehicles and viewing won't be optimal, or maybe there will be people around you who are on the loud side, but despite all that, and the occasional fog rolling in to somewhat obscure the screen, it's still a great time and a great family value for entertainment.

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