No one wants this disease to spread. I think most of us are trying to do our best at social distancing and limiting our activity outside our homes, but these are some things that you may still be doing that can possibly increase the spread of the coronavirus. 

Thanks to for throwing out these reminders and suggestions.

1. Don't ignore your age. The CCDC in China says the death rate for people over 80 is 14.8% and 8% for people in their 70's. The death rate for everyone under 49 is 0.5%. Bottom line, this is not the time to visit Grandma and Grandpa, no matter ho lonely they may be. Make a phone call of FaceTime instead.

2. Don't ignore your gender. According to Chinese statistics, the fatality rate for men was 2.8% higher compared to 1.7% for women.

3. Don't touch gym equipment, door knobs, handles, any public surface without washing your hands (follow the 20 second rule) or use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren't available.

4. Using cosmetic or personal care products. Don't ever share theses items right now and if you run into any stores that are offering samples, don't use them.

5. Be careful touching screens. ATM machines, RedBox, as you pump gas. Remember, hundreds of people touch these everyday and you don't know where they have been. Wash your hands or sanitize immediately after.

6. Now is the time to be boosting your immune system. Eat a healthy diet. If you get COVID-19, the way your body responds to it depends on the strength of your immune system.

7. Meeting with just a "few friends." Even with family, we need to be very careful. Stay away from groups of more than ten. This includes if you go out walking or hiking. Also remember to keep 6 feet away from people whenever possible.

Lets do everything we can to stop COVID-19 from spreading so we can get back to normal life.

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