We may be closer to Labor Day than Christmas, but that isn't stopping one man from getting set for the holiday shopping season.

Kevin Sutton, a radio DJ in Orlando, Fla., is attempting to set the world record for longest time spent camping out for Black Friday. He's been holed up outside a Best Buy since Sunday (October 25) and plans to remain there until Black Friday (November 27). That's a total of 33 days and would top the record of 22 days, set last year by a pair of women in California.

Sutton isn't trying to get his name in the history books just for fun, though. He wants to raise awareness about the 13,000 homeless children who live in central Florida.

He's taking donations, which he will then give to a local charity. He also plans to eat nothing but food and water that is supplied for him.

And, oh yeah, he's allowed to use the bathroom at Best Buy.

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