Following his portrayal of masked villain Kylo Ren in the box office hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens, actor Adam Driver has quickly become something of a household name. And he got even more popular when a photo of a cat who looks just like him began circulating online a few days ago.

Marci Robin, an editor for xoJane's sister site xoVain, tweeted a photo of a cat from the Monmouth County SPCA last Friday (January 16) and wrote the caption, “Tell me this cat at @TheMCSPCA doesn’t look like Adam Driver.”

The post went viral almost instantly, and Brooklyn resident Emily McCombs has since adopted the cat -- who she appropriately renamed Kylo Ren.

She's also extended an invite to Driver, should he ever wish to see his feline doppelganger in person. “Adam Driver is a likable guy. If he ever wants to come meet his doppelganger, he’s welcome to,” McCombs told TIME.

McCombs, an executive editor at Elite Daily, continued, “It’s pretty uncanny. When I see him, I see a unique, interesting looking face that’s very funny. I think when you look at him, you fall in love with that weird little face.”

She notes, however, that her cat is nothing like his Star Wars villain namesake: “He has the exact opposite of Kylo Ren’s personality. He is the opposite of villainous. So many people have fallen in love with the way he looks, and obviously I did too, but once I got him home, it turns out he has the most amazing personality. He’s loving and sweet. He’s a supreme snuggler."

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