Hartwick College’s Board of Trustees announced yesterday that a decision has been made in the selection process of replacing the college's current President, Margaret L. Drugovich who has been at Hartwick's helm for 14 years.

Hartwick's 11th President will be Darren Reisberg who comes to Hartwick on August 1, 2022 on the heels of his current position as Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at the Joyce Foundation, an organization that "invests in public policies and strategies to advance racial equity and economic mobility".

Before his position at the Joyce Foundation, Reisberg was the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Deputy Provost at the University of Chicago. Reisberg has some big shoes to fill as he steps into his new leadership position at Hartwick which is celebrating 225 years this year. David H. Long, chair of the Hartwick College Board of Trustees says that Reisberg will be "Building upon the outstanding foundation that Margaret L. Drugovich has established during her 14-year tenure as Hartwick's president, we believe the College's innovative FlightPath approach to education provides a compelling and distinctive vision for its future".

FlightPath is the college's answer to better preparing their students for the career of their choice. FlightPath is a "flexible and personalized experience" for students which provides them with the tools needed to "launch" into a career following graduation from Hartwick.

Reisberg was born in New York and then raised in Northern New Jersey and heads to Oneonta with his husband and their family of three dogs. For more information about Reisberg coming to Hartwick College, visit www.hartwick.edu.

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