Hartwick College, with its history of service, community involvement, and volunteerism has decided to marks its impressive 225th anniversary with a project designed to spread smiles on campus, the Oneonta community, and across the world during a very divisive time. It's a year-long service project called “One Wick Worldwide” and it's all about inspiring acts of kindness within the Hartwick College community and beyond.

Those who wish to participate simply submit a pledge form agreeing to complete 10 acts of kindness during 2022 and according to hartwick.edu, the acts of kindness can "take any form". Those participating are encouraged to take photos during their act of kindness with details on what they are doing. Then, throughout the year, those examples of kind acts will be shared on social media to hopefully inspire others to do a kind act. Students are encouraged to involve Hartwick alumni when possible. The more the merrier!

In a release, Harwick President Margaret L. Drugovich says, “'One Wick Worldwide’ will inspire, chronicle, share and celebrate the volunteer action that Hartwick people take to improve their communities – whether those places are around the corner or across the globe.”

Hartwick will provide students and staff with plenty of opportunities and ideas for  volunteering in a variety of activities on campus and in the community throughout the year

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Below is a Hartwick College video with more details on this great initiative...

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