Oneonta, NY has a new feather in its cap having just been named as one of the 10 “Best College Towns in the Northeast” for quality of life as a student according to which ranked college towns based in the U.S. northeast. Each town had to have a total population of between 10,000 and 300,000 where the student population was at least 25% of that population.

After that college towns were scored using 13 different categories ranging from affordability to the quality of education to the availability of jobs and internships. Let's face it, prospective college students have a lot to consider about where they spend their higher education years.

What liked about Oneonta as a college town is that it is home to two colleges - SUNY Oneonta and Hartwick College and is "a great choice if you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable college town surrounded by natural amenities, including two major municipal parks". As someone from Oneonta, I am of course biased and heartily agree that Oneonta is all-around, a great place to live. As a small city, Oneonta is full of charm, yet it's big enough to offer plenty of activities to enjoy like music, art, community events, and beautiful parks to recreate in. Can you tell I think Oneonta deserves to be on this list?

Ready for the Top 10 college towns? Here they are...

10. Bloomsburg, PA
9.  SUNY Oneonta, NY
8.  Storrs, CT
7.  Princeton, NJ
6.  State College, PA
5.  Cambridge, MA
4.  West Chester, PA
3.  Ithaca, NY
2.  Fredonia, NY
1.  Amherst, MA

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Learn more about the ranking criteria and what the other college towns offer here.

10 Reasons Why You're Lucky To Be Living in Oneonta, NY

Stunning Mural Transforms Oneonta, NY Eyesore Into Eye Candy

A building that the City of Oneonta plans to demolish, and one of Oneonta, NY's biggest eyesores, has been getting a major makeover thanks to artist James R. Mcilroy, owner of Wolfhound Studio which is a tattoo and art studio at 269 Main Street, Oneonta. Mcilroy has been creating murals on the side of the former Oneonta Sales building on the corner of Market St. and Chestnut St. Extension - a building formerly used as storage by the Twelve Tribes group in Oneonta. Now, instead of focusing on the ugliness of this horrible structure, the eye is drawn instead to the beauty of Mcilroy's artwork. Talk about a transformation!

The Oneonta History Center's Remodeling Transformation Into A Treasured Museum

On Friday, May 13, 2022, after having been closed since January, the Oneonta History Center on Main St., Oneonta, reopened its doors to visitors following a major renovation project on its first floor. For anyone who has previously visited the history center, it will be very easy to see the complete transformation of the the space!

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