I was thrilled to hear the news that Showtime has decided to revive the television show Dexter for a limited series next fall. Dexter, was the first show that I ever binged watched. In similar fashion to most recent college graduates, I struggled to find a job after the first few months post graduation from school.  Each day I stayed "busy" by watching multiple seasons of the show. Eventually I caught up and by the fall of 2012, I was able to watch the series weekly with my girlfriend (now wife). I have said this multiple times on air before but it is worth repeating one more time. The worst take I have ever had on my Twitter account was this tweet back in 2013.




What the hell was I thinking? The Dexter series finale was TERRIBLE. In fact, years later it consistently ranks as the worst series finale in television show history. Since Dexter is officially returning next fall, I want to share with you what the writers and producers of the show should do to end the series the right way. Please Showtime feel free to steal my idea (as long as you give me credit for it later)


As we all know by now, the last time we saw Dexter Morgan he was shown as some type of lumberjack man living in some random secluded area. His sister Deb has died (remember when he carried her body through a hurricane?) and he is living with no connections to his previous life. I don't mind where the series goes with this story but it NEEDS to some how incorporate Hannah McKay and Harrison Morgan. Here's my idea for the final scene in this now new soon to be series finale:

We see Dexter and Hannah reunited alongside an older (teenager/early 20s) version of Harrison living together enjoying life as a "normal" family. The scene then cuts to Dexter opening his eyes. We initially think Dexter was dreaming but in fact he was NOT dreaming. He was just hours ago living in a real life moment with Hannah and Harrison. The scene pans out and Dexter is taped to the table, in a similiar way we have seen criminals setup in Dexter's kill room but this room looks more professional, even cleaner than Dexter's. Dexter begins to become franctic. He looks left and right and is convinced Hannah is about to walk in and kill him. We see a shadow walking into the room, as the camera gets closer we realize the shadow is of.... Harrison! Harrison leans over to his father Dexter and says "Dad, I've known your secret all along. I know what you have done to those people. I too was born in blood (remember that series 4 finale?). You have put my life and my mom's life in jeopardy. (remember season 5 when Travis Marshall kidnapped and threatened to kill Harrison? Or basically all of whatever season 8 was?). I can't let you make us live our lives in fear like this forever." We pan to Dexter and he is smiling. He is happy. Almost proud that Harrison is carrying on his legacy. Protecting innocent people from potential killers. Harrison stabs Dexter in the chest. Dexter dies but smiles. END SCENE"

Wild right?! I have thought about that finale ending for about seven years.

What do you think of my proposed Dexter series finale? Is it great? Is it awful? Feel free to share your thoughts on that and if you will be watching Dexter when the show returns next fall. Plus, if you have a way you hope the series ends this time, share that with us as well by leaving a message on the FREE 104.5 The Team app which you can download below.

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