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Navigating a Return for the NFL
We have talked about all these sports returning but how about the most popular sport in the America, the National Football League? Will the season happen and is there a way to make it happen? Charles McDonald joins us to get creative and you can listen to those ideas above!
What are the Prospects of the NFL Season?
The upcoming NFL season yields a lot of questions in every situation. Will it happen? Will the Chiefs repeat? What are the expectations for Sam Darnold and Josh Allen? Bill Barnwell is the perfect guy to answer those questions so make sure to listen above!
Play Ball! Experts Weigh In On MLB 60 Game Season
Baseball is back and we talked to some baseball insiders on what it means and how we should feel about it. Logistically what does it mean for the players? Who lost money by rejecting the MLB 60 game proposal? How will this season be viewed from a legitimacy perspective? Listen to Bob Nightengale abo…

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