Okay guys, you know me, I don't get upset about a lot of things but gas prices are making me a little crazy! On my way through town this morning I noticed gas prices are up again. $4.15-$4.21 a gallon. This really hurts the wallet. Weekly/monthly budgets are going to really have to adjust for a lot of people to fill their gas tanks. Where do you cut back? Groceries, bills, travel? It doesn't seem that long ago when gas prices rocketed and people started staying home more. They didn't go shopping at the department store or out to eat. They stopped the trip to the mom and pop stores and coffee shops. People stopped spending because the money was going into their gas tanks. Huh. Then what happened to the economy? It stinks that we have to second guess visiting family that is out of town or doing something extra with friends because of the added expense. Click here to find the lowest prices in Oneonta.

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