We're all looking for a little relief at the registers in New York.

...but unfortunately, that ain't comin'. Thankfully, there is a small handful of things that are the same price as they were 3 years ago, before COVID and inflation and all this other crap made us yearn for an early grave. Here are just a few:


seller B&Berry NY via Amazon.com
seller B&Berry NY via Amazon.com

The Arizona Iced Tea company is perhaps the only item you'll find on the shelves that is the same price as it was before COVID. In fact, Arizona Iced Tea has been $0.99 at gas stations for decades. The company's CEO, Don Vultaggio, famously gave an interview to Fox News several months ago and explained the reasoning: "Consumers deserve a break."

...aaaaannnd, that's about the only retail item you'll find that's the same price pre-COVID.

But! There are a few other "less tangible" things that are the same price as they were 3 years ago. Such as:

2.) A WISH

Couple dropping coins into wishing well
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As far as we know, the going rate for a wish is still a quarter. You can always try your luck with a coin of lesser denomination, but I've never known a nickel to get you anywhere in the wish department.


Businessman having a panic attack
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Panic attacks are still free! And -- in case you have a FitBit or a smart watch that counts calories -- panic attacks burn just as many calories as mild exercise. A panic attack is like simulated exercise for your heart!


Night time ​addict Asia lady use smartphone sleep in bed at home feel boring and scrolling checking phone see message in online.
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TikTok is the ultimate timewaster, and doing so is still free! So go ahead: melt into your favorite seat and slip into a catatonic state watching videos of cats getting scared of cucumbers.


She is the boss!
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Need a little motivation? Feeling the kind of lethargy coffee won't touch? Great news! It's still free to have your significant other, boss, friend, or parent kick you in the ass!

So there you have it, New York! Five things that are still the same price, pre-COVID! (We're so screwed!)

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