If that 'Game of Thrones' hip-hop mixtape didn't get you excited for the fourth-season premiere in a couple weeks, maybe this video remix will do the trick.

Theon Greyjoy may have convinced his legions and fans to head into battle with his rousing proclamation of "What is dead may never die," but the other inspiring speeches from the show worked into the above video also inspires us to bust a move or two.

The video begins with Lord Commander Mormont greeting the Night's Watch's newest recruits in a sort of prologue that gives way to Jon Snow, Sam and other characters pledging their allegiance until death. And their heartfelt speeches are warped into auditory, Auto-Tune bliss.

Then Daenerys Targaryen's famous "I am the dragon's daughter" declaration from the show's first-season finale pops up, turning those repeated those lines into the video's chorus. After that, it goes all over the place, including remixed scenes in which Catelyn Stark advises her son Rob about going to war and Queen Cersei threatens Ned Stark.

It's all powered by a throbbing beat, a slowed-down interlude and climatic build-up. So grab your weapon of choice and your favorite unwashed warrior, and head to the dance floor.

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