Lauren Conrad is off the reality TV circuit, but the starlet continues to command attention and magazine covers for her other endeavors. She covers the April issue of Allure, rocking heavy smoke eye makeup while doling out bridal, beauty and bed advice.

LC, who is engaged to William Tell, was asked for her wedding day beauty tips, and she said that while she has experienced the Big Day with her friends, she can't offer too much until she and Tell make the trip down the aisle. But she did offer a key piece of advice in a behind-the-scenes video: "You should look like yourself and do a trial run, so there are no surprises."

While LC is rocking a lot of smoldering eye makeup on her Allure cover, she believes in balance. When she does too much on too many features, that's when she has a makeup fail. She believes in dialing down. If you have statement hair, keep the makeup minimal, which is a commandment in the beauty world.

Conrad is also a classic Cali beauty, with a signature, chill girl style. Wanna replicate LC's look? Here's how. "Take any trend you want and relax it," the author and fashion designer, who has a line at Kohl's, said in her Allure interview. "If it's silk button-up shirts that are in, you probably don't button them all the way, and you cuff a sleeve, you know what I mean? It's almost like how your outfit looks at the end of the day."

The star, 28, lives with Tell so she can't make the décor of their house "over-the-top girlie and vintage," even though she'd like to. She is considerate about her man's personal space. She believes ladies need to have a room of their own, with the shared bedroom "very calm," since the bed is "for sleep and sex," two things people like to do!

Amen, sista! Read more about Lauren when the April 2014 issue of Allure hits newsstands on March 31.

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