Ouch! Lady Gaga's former collaborator and colleague Akon, who was instrumental in helping her break, has delivered what sounds like a pretty harsh diss of Ma Monster.

And on the surface, it is. He basically said that he cashed out before her stock plummeted, which would have left him empty-handed. It sounds rude and awful, but you have to remember that this is the music business. Upon closer inspection, Akon's comments are anything but personal.

In an interview with Sway's Universe, Akon said, "Actually, I cashed out. I got out while the gooding was hot. It’s like a business -- you build it to sell it. When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn’t go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out, in other words, I sold my share and got out before it was too late."

It's as though Akon was prophetic about the 'ARTPOP' crash and burn, and the subsequent downtrend that eventually happened with Gaga.

Akon said it was strictly a business decision and it was nothing personal. He said that he got out at a risky time, since it could be a bigger decline or a bigger incline with Gaga. He also said it was simply a matter of experience, knowing how the business works and that an artist can only be so hot for so long. So he moved on.

In other Gaga news, she spoke about her relationship with 'Chicago Fire' star Taylor Kinney on The Morning Mashup. They’ve been going strong for several years and Gaga admitted that it's he who is in control of their relationship, since it allows her to let go and not be in charge of everything, all of the time.

''He is totally in charge. I mean when I am home I am like, shoes are off, I'm making him dinner. He has a job too and he is really busy," Gaga confessed. ''I'm in charge all day long, so the last thing I want to do is tell him what to do. It's not good for relationships to tell each other what to do.''

It's all about balance. She runs the show with her work, and she can relieve some of that pressure by taking a more passive role in her romance.

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