70th Emmy Awards - Press Room
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Who should have won the Outstanding Drama Emmy this year?

Granted it was an epic battle between some of television's greatest shows.  They were all competing for Outstanding Drama Series.  What a race;  Handmaid's Tale; The Americans; Game of Thrones; Stranger Things; The Crown This is Us; Westworld.

I really think the ultimate competition came down to GOT against Handmaid.  The Americans is taught with some terrific acting and a wonderful cast.  This is Us is a weekly tear jerker that most viewers have taken to the heart and love.  Westworld and Stranger Things both have their interesting twists and turns to them in each episode.  The Crown is a superb historical pageant of fact, beauty and heart (plus any show that dares to cast John Lithgow as Winston Churchill gets a big "amen" from me).

But GOT and Handmaid's Tale are truly why today's television shows are better than almost everything you can find in a movie theater.  Game of Thrones is an elaborate tale of a nether world of dragons, dungeons, kings, battles and palace intrigue.  Handmaid's Tale is a dystopian classic which seems to get darker and darker with each episode.  And the acting is great (is that really "Peggy" from Man Men?).

I wish I had the right to cast an Emmy vote in this category this year.  I would have picked Handmaid's Tale.  It delivers far more each week with a lot less than Game of Thrones, which always seems on the verge of smothering itself with special effects. 

So, Game of Thrones won the Emmy this year.  How about it.  Do you agree?

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